Nearly December already?


Wow, how this year has flown by!

  • 18th edition of the Ethnologue published
  • Traveled to Pennsylvania to visit churches, friends and family
  • Home going of Judy’s mom
  • Matt joined a new work team (but much the same mapping work)
  • Judy furthered her work training and completed several more books
  • Jay started junior high and also qualified for the Duke TIP program
  • Began work on the 19th edition of the Ethnologue

We hope you had a great year and have a blessed Christmas season!


New work in the new year!


On February 21, we celebrated International Mother Language Day with the publication of the 18th edition of the Ethnologue. This includes statistics for the number of living languages, population, other interesting facts about each country and its languages, and (of course!) maps. Printed copies of individual maps and regional books are available for sale on You can see the various maps by clicking on a region, then a country and then the “Maps” tab.

Click on the image to see one of Matt’s new maps:
Languages of Georgia

Judy is continuing to work on academic publications and scripture typesetting. She may have some new projects coming her way, and we’ll post more about those later!

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Great summer help!

TJ (Matt’s intern) is off to a great start helping in the office. He’s already helped add some new data to the maps to show the locations of several varieties of sign languages around the world. He’s also helping to improve the quality of our map data by finding where shapes on the maps are not consistent with their neighbors and helping us develop an automated procedure to get those corrected. I’m so glad to have this extra help that will make our finished maps even better yet!

Hard at work in the mapping office

Hard at work in the mapping office


Jay’s corner

Well, Jay is now a 5th grade graduate! He came home with awards for perfect attendance, A/B honor roll, the principal’s award for his home room, and future president award from his homeroom teacher. So proud of him! Now it’s time for some summer fun including attending camp, going swimming and spending time with friends.