Language Mapping



This map uses data from ‘Ethnologue: Languages of the World’, and shows the size proportionate to the number of languages considered indigenous to each country that are still spoken there.
© Copyright Sasi Group (University of Sheffield) and Mark Newman (University of Michigan).
© Copyright Benjamin D. Hennig (Worldmapper Project)

Our language mapping work began as part of a collaborative effort known as the World Language Mapping System.  This system compiled location data and other information about minority indigenous language groups from various sources in various countries. SIL language surveyors and other linguists and agencies help collect this information and keep it updated. We combine the data with a variety of geographic features to create language maps of many different countries. These maps are a basis for many of the maps in the EthnologuePeople Profiles (see example below), and other related publications. We have online maps like this interactive map showing where Garifuna is spoken. Many of the classic language maps are also in the printed edition of the Ethnologue. A related project includes a mapping of the Bantu languages of Africa, created by one of our team members.

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